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Ezra: Reestablishing Dominance by Elzamine
Ezra: Reestablishing Dominance
The world was changing, of that, there was no doubt. Still, Ezra thought of himself as a rather adaptable sort. The power struggle between varying guilds and the internal conflict that had plagued his own for more than he'd like to admit, he found himself wanting to take preemptive action on the mess.

Footsteps could be heard making their way towards him and he knew this was on purpose, that no one would be here unless invited, and that this was a small notion of respect towards him. Luc emerged from the overgrown path a few minutes later, straight faced and intent as he made his way to Ezra's side.

"This ought to be good," the golden thief offered with a small smirk and a hint of amusement. It wasn't often that Ezra requested meetings, so this had to be important.

"I'm pulling you from the clutch," Ezra stated plainly, looking to Luc expectantly. While it wasn't exactly a question, there was no ownership here, he wanted to know how the man felt.

Luc seemed to mull over the question for a moment, looking away and out over the water as he processed the information. Gulls could be heard in the distance and the silence between them seemed to amplify the sounds of the world around them.

"Orim isn't going to be happy about it," Luc offered, not bothering to specify which one of them exactly, but perhaps that was the point.

"Orim won't be a problem," Ezra stated with a shrug, "what about you?"

Luc scoffed, finally turning from the sea to look back at Ezra, "when have you ever steered me wrong?"

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Ezra is a Dollspirit Hoya on a SD17 body.

Clothing by Steampetal.
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Luc: Trust Me by Elzamine
Luc: Trust Me
Heading into the wilderness wasn't exactly the smartest plan these days, hell, go far enough and it was a guaranteed death wish. Still, Luc wasn't exactly new to danger and knowledge really was power in some situations.

Connor had done additional research on species in the area and seemed to be as prepared as he was going to get. Still, nothing could be trusted these days, and while he hadn't outright said so, Luc could tell that he had doubts about this plan. The thief couldn't exactly blame him, and it was smarter to think that way, but he had to do something to ease the situation.

Just over this hill and they'd be moving past the outskirts and into the actual forest. The denseness would increase, the air would be different, plants would be aggressive and any people in the area, most likely hostile.

Luc stopped, turning to look at Connor a moment, catching his gaze before letting his ever present smirk slide across his face. "You'll be okay, trust me."

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Luc is an Infinitidoll Moris on a Feeple60 muscular body.

Clothing by Steampetal.
Tavin: Family by Elzamine
Tavin: Family
Life was ever changing and Tavin let most of it pass him by. Ezra had snatched him off the street and trained him to pick pockets; Nash had claimed him for some time, finding him far too useful. The guild had reclaimed him soon after and he was sent between members until the newest changes in guild structure, where he found himself housed at the banshee with Rhys and some time later, Whisp.

People are something of constant interest to him. Puzzles, codes, jobs, things... they all had a simple formula, a system that was set in stone and fluctuated by a set of mathematical rules. People, they were different.

Ezra worried about everyone, but never about himself. Valon was consumed by fear, but offered kindness. Luc never seemed bothered by anything, but was a part of everything. Nash yearned for power yet threw it all away.

Whisp could see nothing, but somehow, felt everything. Rhys had everyone, even strangers, but only wanted Whisp. Over time, he would notice that they wanted a family, and Tavin knew, that he needed a family.

They survived together, habits solidified and in the end he still could not explain any thing. They walked together through the town, the park and to the White Dahlia. Rhys never stopped talking and Whisp never stopped listening.

As he stood in the Dahlia with Rhys talking to the chemist as Whisp listened, offering a word now and then. He watched the snake before him, it's actions as expected as it all but ignored him. The reflection of the room behind him however, was far more interesting. Whisp was watching him, an expression on her face that seemed to go unnoticed by the others, but it was all he could focus on.

Later they would return to the Banshee for Rhys to work. Sometimes they would keep him company but tonight Whisp stayed below, in the living area. She sipped her wine as she worked through a pile of herbs, picking through the mess and pulling out branches as she sorted them. Tavin watched quietly until a missed branch fell to the floor out of her reach. She ignored it, letting it fall but he went to retrieve it.

"I have it, Mama," he spoke, which was a rare thing in itself, he knew. Her body tensed and he worried for a moment that perhaps he had gauged the situation incorrectly. She cried then and pulled him into an embrace.

Mama cried, but she was happy.


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Tavin is a Soom Tuff.

Clothing by Steampetal.
Whisp: Habits by Elzamine
Whisp: Habits
It had been years since she had lost her sight and had thrown her name away and instead claimed Whisp as her identity. Still, some habits were hard to break, some habits could remind you of everything you had lost. She still looked at those she engaged with, still expected light when she woke in the morning, or thought to see the bar door slam as the bell overhead jingled. Some habits were not able to be removed.

Rhys had entered in to the hallway, finally up from his usual afternoon nap and she heard the small, lighter footsteps of Tavin behind him as they made their way to her. She was easy to find, always in the same spot, a glass of wine and a set of rune stones before her with herbs scattered to the side. A set of custom tarot cards were further to her left and she drew her hands across the items as she let herself focus on the footsteps and the creek of the wooden planks beneath them.

She could almost see the energy as the pair entered the room, Rhys first and Tavin right behind him. Their presence was all she needed and she smiled as she rubbed her thumb over a rune stone.

Whisp looked up as Rhys prattled on, glad to see her and full of energy from sleep. He had plans for the day, he'd take her to the park and out to the Dahlia. Tavin was coming too of course, he liked to watch Yue's snakes. Her smile faltered only a moment, wondering what those snakes happened to look like, what Tavin's expression was as he looked upon them.

Rhys moved closer and pressed a quick kiss to her temple, not missing the swift change in her features. She smiled up at him only a moment before arms were around her and he lifted her up, arms at her back and under her knees, insisting they were going now and there was little she was going to do about it.

Some habits she lived for.

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Whisp is a CP Breakaway on a Feeple60 body.

Clothing by Steampetal.

Resin Ramblings

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 6:10 AM
Wow! I am the worst ever at keeping my journal active!
Still alive over here, and things are crazy as usual. Work has been a little crazy due to staff changes this year, however we just finished up with the annual fashion show. Since that's out of the way, it gives a bit more breathing room and things are feeling a bit calmer.

Things are far from over though, I'm heavily underway with stock for Anime (Doll) North this year. I'm feeling pretty happy with my stock counts thus far though and I have a ton of new stuff for anyone who's attending this year :D

Animaritime is a month after Doll North, so I'll be right back into con prep the moment I get back from Toronto! I'll be vending some new goods this year at Animaritime, mostly for people but I will be bringing some of my doll stuff.

After all that though, July will be amazing. I'll be off work and conventions are over, so it'll be some much needed relaxing time. I turn 30 in July and my sister has planned an awesome trip to Disney World to celebrate! We're going for a week and it's going to be amazing. I've never been there before, I never really go anywhere on vacation to be honest, so to say I'm excited about it would be a huge understatement.

That's the update with me, how are you all doing? I'd love to hear from you guys :)
As always, I'm active on social media, you can find me under Elzamine on most social media sites, and Steampetal for my doll work. Tumblr and Instagram are my usual hang outs ^^

Personal Blog:

Things on the resin end of things have been relatively the same, though I have made a few choices about what to do with my group. I've sold my Resiner head, it's on layaway at the moment. I went back and forth, deciding I was going to sell, then went into panic and didn't... but then realized I didn't feel any better and was finally able to sell without regret. He's gorgeous and I'll miss him, but he just wasn't working for me like my other dolls. That means Saevil is without a head, and at the moment I'm unsure if I'll bother to shell him again.. maybe at a later date, who knows.

I was also going to sell Sarin's body and just let him switch in on Valon's when I felt like it. However, I already had Valon sharing with Luc (which honestly, I never take Valon off his body... haha) so it seemed a bit overwhelming. I've been doing a lot of RP work with Luc lately though, and I always love him when I have him together, so I decided to swap him on to Sarin's body instead. What a super easy move that instantly made me happy... who knew that's all it took! Luc really inspires me and having him whole has super cheered me up.
I need to replace the string in his body, hopefully this weekend, but once I do I hope to take more photographs of him <3

Anyhow, this is what the crew is looking like at the moment, not much of a change since last time, but much happier for me.
I'm still considering an SDGr body for Valon, but with money being tight until autumn, it's on hold for a moment.

My current crew consists of:
Valon Vorse (SD13 Souji Okita)
Percival Ezra (Dollspirit Hoya/SD17)
Luc (Infinitidoll Moris/Feeple60)
Rhys Epim (SD17 Shiro Tachibana)
Whisp (Feeple60 Breakaway)
Tavin Kiriani (Soom Tuff)
Zwei (Zuzu Delf Lio)
Yue Nullos (Feeple60 Chloe)
Sarin Twillar (Feeple60 Nanuri Head)


I'm still neck deep in pokemon and have been raising and trading perfect ones for a bit now. If anyone is playing and would like to trade/battle or just chat, let me know! I was only playing Animal Crossing off and on but I've picked up playing that a bit more consistently lately as well, haha.

My FC is: 4699-5915-9033 

I'm currently breeding for egg moves and IV's and then EV training... so if that's of interest or you're interested in trading, let me know ;)

Follow my pokemon stuff at:


Just a reminder to everyone that I update more on tumblr nowadays than anything. Story blurbs will only be here though, when I do them. Tumblr links are below:

Personal Blog:

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